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Hi there and welcome to my little photo collection!

The one in the centre is me and most of the other nine photos
are of my nephew Dino, who was here at the time for a month
to visit from Milan, Italy and the others are of my sail boat
Short Wave ... :-)

Niagara Falls... at Toronto Center Island... Niagara from another angle!
On Don Mills Road ...Uncle Franz in the dark!Scarborough Bluffs
This one I didn't buy!That's my baby here ...... at the THSC

So now that you have seen them, do let me have your comments!

Maybe you'd like to come on out sailing with me one day?

Since the warm weather doesn't last all year in this part of the world, I'm thinking how nice it would be to go south later on .... :-)

Well, any and all comments welcome!

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You can click right here on PHOTO for a more recent one of me!