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francesco junior e senior
note STATS:

Real Name:
Franzl von Jedlesee
Ladies man
On a fine day in January
Birth Place:
Vienna, Austria
Of great potential
Contact Address:
Visit the Amateur Radio station VA3OSC at the OSC Ontario Science Centre at Don Mills Rd. and Eglinton Ave. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My latest project: The Viral Marketing Centre

note A Little Bit About Little VA3FRA
VA3FRA was really for the better part of his life just a regular guy with the name of Franz who came to Toronto from the city of Vienna, the capital of his native country Austria. Only much later did he become a ham, developed an interest in navigation, went out, bought a 25' sail boat and called her Short Wave!
note VA3FRA's Links
The City of Vienna
About me
note More Details About Little VA3FRA

Well, by now, little VA3FRA has grown into a big boy who just loves sailing. He'd like to sail not only lake Ontario on his Mirage called Short Wave, but cross the Atlantic one day. While awaiting the moment for the opportunity to present itself, he will play around with his computer, chat with people over the InterNet or his 2m handy-talky, or combine the two and send packet radio messages around the world. Did you know, once he actually sent one message just about right around the world! Well, not quite, but he had some 65 replies from some 14 different countries from all the 5 continents in a matter of one month or so! That's Packet Radio for you, so give it a try some time ... 73's - VA3FRA

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